Bakery Swag Bag Ideas

Bakery Swag Bag Ideas

If you’re checking this post out, I assume you’re likely a bakery owner looking for some bakery swag bag ideas for an upcoming trade show. Or maybe you’re a trade show attendee wondering what will be in the next Go Big Treats swag bags. Either way – welcome! Let’s start by explaining what a swag bag is – a swag bag is typically a fun treat bag that you hand out to trade show attendees. Swag bags are usually limited to the first X amount of people. Depending on the size of the show, that number could be the first 10 people through the door or the first 100. Either way, we have some cute but cost effective ideas for you.

Bakery Swag Bag Ideas

Swag bags aren’t exclusive to bakeries. You’ll find them for almost any market – bakeries, jewelry, artwork, clothing, etc. For this article, we’re sticking to items with a bakery theme but if you work in a different market these suggestions may help you brainstorm your own ideas.

Bakery Swag Bag Items:

A lot of times, it’s nice to give a small sample of your work in a swag bag. The problem with a bakery is that (1) fresh baking doesn’t last very long and trade show organizers usually want to assemble these swag bags a couple of weeks before an event and (2) depending on the type of baking you sell, it can be hard to package it up. For example, it would be a bit messy to drop a mini cupcake in a swag bag! With this in mind, we’ve put together a few ideas that still stick to that bakery theme without the actual baking.

For the next Go Big Treats sale, we’ve put together “Beauty & Brains Treat Bags”. We went with this because we have a Beauty & Brains cookie so this bag sticks to our theme. In case you’re not familiar with it, here’s what our Beauty & Brains Cookie looks like.

The “brains” part of the cookie are the Smarties and Nerds candies plus the little smart cookie with glasses. The “beauty” part of the cookie are the Hot Lips candy and the cute tiara sprinkle. So for our swag bags, we included mini boxes of both Smarties and Nerds for a sweet treat then we covered the “beauty” part with a candy-flavoured lip gloss.

Bakery Swag Bag Ideas

If you’re familiar with our brand, you’ll know we use a lot of funny little sayings in our brand signature bubble letters. We tied this into our theme with cute little fridge magnets.

Bakery Swag Bag Ideas

To finish the bags off, we put a promotional postcard inside that tells the customer a bit more about our company, what we make, and where they can find us (our social media channels and a website link to our pop up calendar).

Bakery Swag Bag Ideas

Bakery Swag Bag Ideas:

Some other fun suggestions for a bakery swag bag include:

  • a small sample of your work like a mini sugar cookie
  • something to enjoy with your baking like an envelope of gourmet hot chocolate
  • small baking tools like a cute colourful whisk, spatula or cookie cutter
  • a recipe card with one of your favourite recipes (not a recipe for something you make in your bakery, of course)
  • a small kitchen timer for baking
  • a handy conversions card (like how many tablespoons in a 1/2 cup) as a fridge magnet
  • a tea towel
  • dry ingredients mix (like this Halloween candies one) with instructions on what wet ingredients to add to make cookies
  • unique jar of sprinkles
  • cute paper napkins for a party

Have you been to a trade show where they’ve handed out swag bags? What are some things that you’ve received? We’d love to hear some more suggestions!


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