Yes, We Do Fundraisers

We’ve been asked about Regina area fundraisers quite often so I thought it would help if we put together some information for you to review. The fundraiser packages are flexible and can be fine-tuned to fit your group’s needs.

We’ve put together some information below on a couple of our more popular options but first take a look at this PDF file to start brainstorming some ideas that will work for your group.

For school or team fundraisers, we have a few different options. Two of our most popular options are:

1) We can set up a pop up shop for an hour at the school/facility (at an evening event like a school dance, meet the teacher night, etc.) where people could purchase a cookie, cinnamon bun or edible cookie dough.


2) We could do a preorder – kind of like you’d do for a fundraising lunch – where we’d provide you with order forms where kids could choose from 6 different options. The school or group would collect the funds and preorder the items at least one week in advance. We’d then distribute the cookies to your school for you to distribute to the kids.

For both options, our products are the regular price (example, XL cookies or cinnamon buns are $6 each including taxes) and $1.00 from each item sold we send back to the school/group as the donation.

To make the most money, we recommend the preorder. That way we know exactly how many treats to bring and have time to prepare the orders. For a pop up sale, it’s kind of a hard guess on how many items we may be able to sell. With our first school fundraiser, we set up a pop up shop with 46 cookies and sold out in about 20 minutes so we had lots of disappointed kiddos. It’s tough to guess how popular a pop up will be though so we bring a limited quantity so we aren’t left with lots of leftovers.

We understand that all organizations are different and what works for one group may not work for another. Contact us and we can customize a fundraiser plan that fits your needs.


  1. Hello! I just popped in your shop on the weekend and your treats were DELICIOUS! I manage a non-profit and we are doing a steak night this September with a raffle draw. I am wondering if you ever do donations for other local companies? We are a registered charity and would be happy to provide you with a tax receipt for the amount of your donation. I would appreciate hearing from you if you are interested, or even if you are not! Thank you so much!

    • Cheryl

      Hi! Sorry, just seeing this comment now. For future communications, it’s best to give us a call at the shop or send us an email. Sorry about that!

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