Drip Cakes Regina

Yes, We Make Cakes!

We’ve been receiving a lot of requests for nut-free cakes and cupcakes in Regina and we’re happy to announce that YES – we do offer specialty drip cakes and cupcakes from our nut-free bakery!

Nut Free Cupcakes Regina

Our gourmet cupcakes and drip cakes are available by special order only. This means, if you would like to order cupcakes and cakes for your next event, please contact us at the bakery (306) 569-9519 to place an order.

We will have a small amount of cupcakes available in the shop daily but we recommend that you call us to place an order for your event. Our gourmet cupcakes start at $4.00 each including taxes.

Gourmet Cupcakes Regina

Our drip cakes are 6″, 5-layer cakes that serve 8-10 people. They can be decorated and topped in a variety of different ways. Call us at the bakery to discuss your dessert needs and we’d be happy to create something special for your next event! Our drip cakes start at $50 including taxes.

Drip Cakes Regina

We recommend calling us one week in advance to place your special orders.

We look forward to serving you soon!

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